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Relationship Column: Are You Facebook Official?

Alex Parker 

When can you be positive that you are in a committed and official relationship? That you can call that guy or girl you’ve been seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer may vary depending on whom you ask.

To me, it’s when you get asked. However, my last long-term boyfriend asked me out in the ninth grade and we dated for the next five years so I’m not sure if that’s something that guys still do. These were the days before everyone and their grandma had a Facebook, even when I made one during the end of our relationship, we were not “Facebook official.” I didn’t feel that it was necessary; we both knew that we were together and that’s what mattered.

It’s not the same way right now. It seems that if you are not Facebook official, then you’re not together at all. I’ve heard a few girls say that they got mad at their boyfriends for not listing themselves as in a relationship and picking fights about it. For real ladies (or gentlemen, you’re not excluded)?

So what you’re saying is that you need a website to confirm your real-life relationship? Why is having a living person commit to you in person not enough? You need a website to broadcast your relationship to the world. That just seems a little silly to me.

Maybe you’re just looking for the acknowledgement, maybe your insecure, I don’t know. Truthfully, I’m not too interested in the answer. It’s probably just as ridiculous as the situation itself. But to pick a fight over it? Come on people, chose your battles a little more wisely.

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