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Alex Parker

So seeing as it’s December and all, I usually write about spending the holidays with your boyfriend/girlfriend or what gift to give them. Up until yesterday I planned on writing my column on something of the sort. Then I overheard a conversation, and no I was not eavesdropping, the person was just walking very close behind me. The person was talking about how a friend of theirs had just gotten busted.

Apparently this friend had two cell phones, one for her boyfriend and another for other purposes. Well, to her dismay, the boyfriend found the other phone. The odd thing is, I heard a similar story about a week or two ago except is was the guy with two phones.

Obviously, there’s no need to state what the problem is here. But, just in case you’re one of the stupid people with two phones and don’t see a problem with it, let me help you out. Having a separate cell phone for your girlfriend and a second one to cheat on her with is bad. Girls same goes for you, lying is bad.
What I found funny was that the lying cheaters were thoroughly shocked when they got caught. Almost like they looked at the phone as their significant other found it like, “Oh my goodness, honey I don’t know what that is or how it got there!” For real? Sure you don’t, I’m sure you don’t know the password to the phone either.

If you don’t want to get caught, then why on earth would you bring the phone with you when you knew you were going to see your boyfriend/girlfriend? You were just asking to get busted; it’s obvious that you are pretty dumb. What are you doing with two cell phones anyway?

Are you really lacking a moral center? How do you not know that that is a bad plan and that nothing good will come of it? Honestly, only our generation would come up with such a ridiculous idea and expect it to work.

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