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Relationship Column: Double Standards

Alex Parker

I spent part of my break away from Long Island visiting a school upstate. Being away from home made me realize a few things. One, as much as we hate Long Island, there is no other place like it. Two, guys don’t suck just here, they suck everywhere. Let me preface the main point of this article by making one thing very clear. I do not condone sleeping around and acting like a hooker.

Anyway, I overheard a few boys talking while I was away and one was talking about a particular booty call of his. He was saying how great it is because she always answers the phone no matter what time of the day it is and is usually down for anything. Then she made the colossal mistake of thinking the favor would be returned when she called him the previous night, looking to take care of business. Well to her misfortune, it was not.

That’s not my problem with this situation. My problem is this guy went on and on about how when he has needs she should meet them, but when the tables are turned it’s not his problem. Seriously? What part of that is even remotely fair?

When I posed that very question, the boys looked at me like I was slightly insane. They basically told me that this particular girl sleeps around all the time and is a “dog” so it doesn’t matter. That has to be some kind of joke right?

So, it’s acceptable for this guy to do what he wants with whomever he wants whenever he wants. It’s more than acceptable; it gets him high fives and an “atta boy” from his friends. But if a girl does the same thing it makes her a dog, a derelict.

As I said before, I don’t condone harlotry. But this is only one small example of double standards between young men and women. For all of the guys reading this who are nodding their heads and smiling to themselves because you know you’re guilty of this, not cool. And ladies if you find yourself faced with a mongrel like this, do yourself a favor and don’t pick up the phone next time.

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