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Alex Parker

As you walk around LIU Post campus you may see a good amount of young men that could possibly be mistaken for a homeless person. The look usually includes baggy pajama bottoms, a ratty looking hoodie, either socks with sandals or sneakers, a terrible five o’clock shadow and that just rolled out of bed hairdo. I understand that things happen; sometimes you’re going to wake up late for class and not have time to look like Channing Tatum. But in all honesty, this should not be an everyday look for you.

I find that a vast portion of these fashion offenders are the guys who think they’re God’s gift to woman. A word from the wise my friends: no one is going to want to talk to you if you look like you may potentially be asking them for spare change. If any female wanted to have a conversation with a hobo, it would be more beneficial to just roam the streets of Manhattan.

But really guys, do you not have any sense of pride in your appearance? I hope you answered no to that question because if you take pride in looking like you just crawled out of a hole than we have a bigger issue on our hands. What’s worse is, a lot of guys crack jokes about how long it takes girls to get themselves ready. Well, we end up looking pretty good, don’t we? Unlike you who looks like a heathen.
It can only take all of five or ten minutes to put yourself together. That does not include a shower and shave. But honestly, would it kill you to put on a pair of jeans and a nice looking t-shirt? Probably not, seeing as most girls do it everyday, myself included.

Bottom line: don’t expect to go up to a girl and hit on her when you are sporting the aforementioned getup and get a good response from her. No one is asking you to walk around in a tuxedo but looking presentable is a must. Homeless looking guys are beginning to plague this campus, don’t be one of them. Girls like boys who at least appear to take care of themselves.

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