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Relationship Column: Meet the Parents

Alex Parker

A few decades ago, the dating game was different. Everything from the way the girl was asked out, to the places you went on a date. It was traditional for a young man to introduce himself to the family of the girl he was taking on a date. He would ring the doorbell, go inside and make small talk with the parents, and let them know what time he would have their precious girl home.

Those were the days when holding hands was a big deal and a kiss on the cheek meant you were boyfriend and girlfriend, both of which are ideals that seem silly to today’s modern daters. Especially being introduced to parents on your first date, that is a tradition that has seemed to have gone out the window, and frankly, I’m happy it has.

When that was a custom, it was based on being respectful to the parents, letting them know who was taking out their daughter, where they were going, and what time they would be home. As a young woman who still lives with her parents, I would be mortified if the guy taking me out came in my house to meet my family on our first date. At that point, I’m not even sure if I like the guy yet, let alone adding the stress of my family liking him.

Personally, meeting my family is a very big deal. I have a large family that is very close; we meddle in each other’s business constantly. We are also rather unorthodox and, in my opinion, slightly crazy. Before I will let any guy in my house, I need to make sure that I plan on going out with him for a little while. I also need to make sure that the guy is mentally capable of handling my sometimes-overwhelming family. A guy that I’m only going on one or two dates with doesn’t get the luxury of meeting the Parkers.

Meeting the parents may not be as big of a deal for everyone. I’m sure it’s not just girls who stress about it either; it may be just as worrisome for boys. Some people may still feel that the old-school way is the proper way. It’s just another one of the aspects of the dating world that is changing.

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