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Alex Parker


I am back from my two-week hiatus; I hope you missed me. So, I was out with my boyfriend and our mutual guy friend this past week. Just a casual night out for a few drinks. We stumbled upon the topic of differing dating habits. Our friend is the more typical college guy, the love’em and leave’em type. My boyfriend was never like that, even in high school.

My boyfriend and I were in the middle of telling him that it isn’t exactly moral to treat a girl like a princess until she lets you have sex with her and then never answer her texts/calls again. He took one look at my boyfriend and said, “ Why do you have a girlfriend? For the con­stant sex right?” I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor, looking reminiscent of an old acme cartoon. My boyfriend obviously replied appropriately seeing as I was sitting right next to him.

He said, of course, that is a plus although he would prefer it to be a little more frequent then it is currently happening (what guy wouldn’t). But more then that, him and I are best friends, we enjoy just hanging out with each other; he likes having me around as his constant companion. This time it was our friend’s jaw that dropped. He couldn’t fathom liking someone of the opposite sex that much and constantly want them around.

Is sex really all that 21+ guys care about these days? Is it really the only perk of having a girlfriend? A better question is why do girls con­tinue to fall for these charades?

If you know a guy’s track record and he starts to sweet talk you, why do you go along with it? It starts with the playful flirting, then the dinner dates, the after dinner drinks and then next thing you know you’re wak­ing up next to this guy; that is if he doesn’t give you the boot immediately after he’s done using you for sex. He may not even come right out and tell you to leave. He’ll probably say something like, “I have work really early,” or, “I have an early class, maybe it’s best if you don’t stay.” You’ll sympathize and just leave without even realizing what happened.

After all is said and done you will find yourself calling once or twice or shooting a text saying something along the lines of, “ I had a really good time the other night, what are your plans this weekend?” What do you get in response? Nothing. No text or call back. The worst part of it all, this was his master plan all along and he sees no issue with it. This guy will feel no remorse for doing this to you.

This was the argument we were having. My friend does this con­stantly and thinks it’s awesome that he gets away with it. His logic was, “If it works, why not continue to do it?” Thankfully my boyfriend did not agree with this reasoning and thinks it’s immoral to spend a ton of money taking a girl out and then not continue to date her. I knew I picked him for a reason!

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