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Relationship Column: Signs You’re Not the Only One

Alex Parker Editors-in-Chief

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you may not be the only person your guy has his eye on? Perhaps he isn’t being 100 percent faithful to you? But how could you really be sure about that short of pulling a Kim K. and hiring a private investigator? You can’t have him think that you may be on to him. Well ladies here are a few little red flags to keep in mind:

He never calls you by your full name—it’s always some pet name like beautiful or sweetie. Now, of course if you are in a long-term relationship this does not apply to you. I mean if it’s only been a few months. He also is most likely to never have called you by your real name. This could be because he does not want to accidentally call you one of the names of the three other girls he’s with. Females usually appreciate generic terms of endearment because it makes us think they’re committing. Don’t be fooled ladies; calling you “peanut” could just be a precaution.

Sketchy cell phone behavior—he plays with your phone all of the time because he loves some game app you have or he likes to mess around with your Facebook status. God forbid you try and use his phone and he immediately goes into ninja mode and holds it for dear life. Or he’ll give it to you after he does something to it first. Well, there you go. There’s a good chance he is deleting call history or text messages.

He loves to pull a Houdini—you’ll be texting back and forth one min- ute and the next it comes to a screeching halt. He then proceeds to fall off the grid for a day or two without so much as a quick text. Then he’ll try and turn it back around on you when he finally resurfaces. Whether he denies that you called or that he got your message or that he tried to call “like a hundred” times and your phone kept going into voicemail. Whatever his response is, it’s a load of crap.

I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the topic of signs you’re dating a player. These were the big three that were almost always written about. These are also typically the first signs that will stand out. I’m sure there are a ton of other things to look out for. Ladies, do fall into the trap of these types of boys. Unfortunately for us, these boys I’m talking about are college boys or guys from the ages of 18 to 30. Hold out for the good ones.

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