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Relationship Column: Super Creep

Alex Parker Editor-in-Chief

Ok, so recently I have noticed something incredibly disturbing about guys. They stare, quite creepily and frequently! Looking at a girl and smil- ing nicely is one thing. But no, that’s not what modern “men” seem to think is appropriate.

When my co-Editor-in-Chief and I have been walking around lately with our friends, we’ve noticed it. It’s not always us being stared at either; we are under no impression that we are reminiscent of Ava Gardner. But in all honesty, staring for any longer then a quick glance is super creepy. If you feel the need to take a second look, do NOT make it so obvious!

Ogling a girl does not make her feel any inclination to come say hello, it really just makes us think, “EW f*** off, creeper.” I witnessed a man at Roosevelt Field Mall yesterday, literally do a 360 and start walking backwards to stare at another woman. I was absolutely disgusted because not only was he staring; he was making a disgusting face like he wanted to go all Hannibal Lector on her.

It’s men like that, that are the epitome of “creep.” They are also the reason why a fair amount of females carry maze in their bags. I don’t think you guys realize that after we catch you looking at us like that, we laugh at you. Not only do we laugh, we usually make fun of you as well. I’m obvi- ously not a man but I highly doubt that is the desired response.

It’s almost as bad, if not worse, then strange and random Facebook messages. Why do you men feel the need to be so utterly bizarre? This is why you are all single. You freak us out more often then turn us on. I really can’t see why it’s such an insane notion, that if you think a girl is pretty, to go up to her and say hi. Maybe even ask her name. What’s the worst she can say? Go away, I’m not interested. Well, she certainly has no interest when you stare at like her like she’s a juicy steak or something.

I know you men think females are these mystical beings that you need the help of Einstein to figure out. Sometimes that’s true, but in this case it’s really quite simple. Don’t act like a freak or a psycho creeper and you will find more success in your ventures. Chances are she was looking at you too and wants you to introduce yourself. Any easy sign of this is if she makes direct eye contact with you. Just do me a personal favor, stop staring, it’s weird.

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