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Alex Parker


There’s comes a point in a relationship where both people must let their guards down and be able to take a joke from their other half. Anytime I see a girl getting overly offended by a small joke cracked by her boyfriend, I almost get annoyed. I usually end up thinking to myself, “Jeez, lighten up girl! Or, damn I feel sorry for that guy.”

Now ladies, don’t go getting your panties up in a bunch just yet. You have to admit, even if it’s just to yourselves, that there are plenty of times when your boyfriend cracks a joke at you and you blatantly throw a hissy fit. We all know you’re not truly offended by what he said; you’re just making a fuss for no reason other than you feel like it.

Of course there’s a line to be drawn. Sometimes guys can take it too far and be down right mean. A great one they always seem to come out with is to make a joke about a girl’s appearance or her weight; the weight being the really big no-no here. Usually, when this type of joking ensues, the female initially offended will take a hit below to belt towards her guy. This will go back and forth until both parties leave the conversation furious at one another.

My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for the last six years and we poke fun at each other constantly. We laugh more at each other’s expense than anything else. We know the other one is always kidding and instead of getting irritated we just laugh with each other. Every couple should be able to laugh at one another and themselves every now and then; so lighten up people!

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