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Relationship Column: “That Couple”

Alex Parker

A few decades ago, it was considered unfitting to publicly display the problems in your relationship. No one wanted to even admit that they were having any problems at all. It was all kept under wraps, a huge secret. Now, if you ask girls/guys about their relationships, they spew their problems at you like a faucet that you just can’t seem to turn off. Worse than that, couples are having all-out brawls publicly.

It seems to have become quite common in fact. Most groups of friends have that one couple that fights about anything and everything, just about everywhere the couple goes. I’ve seen it multiple times. You’re out with your friends and in the darkest corner of the bar or outside in the parking lot, there they are, having a screaming match about God only knows what.

My question is, why? That is the type of thing that is meant to be done at home. Not only are you ruining your night, you’re destroying the good time your friends are trying to have too. It’s typical for the guy to get pissed, go inside, and start pounding drinks at the bar like it’s his job; and the girl grabs her group of ladies and starts blubbering about how mean he is and he doesn’t understand her. Blah…Blah…Blah.

Save the drama for the soaps people. If you’re going to end up in a fight, please do the rest of us a favor and stay home. I apologize for the brutal delivery, but no one cares what you’re fighting about; we have our own issues to deal with. If you’re repeat offenders, I’m sure even your best friend doesn’t care at that point.

More than anything, it’s embarrassing. When I see couples fighting like that in public, I truthfully feel embarrassed for them because I’m conscious of how stupid everyone around them thinks they are. If you are reading this article and thinking to yourself, “OMG, we’re not that bad,” don’t fool yourself, it is that bad.

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