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Alex Parker

Wicked girlfriends probably do not realize it at the time, however; the repercussions of their actions will haunt numerous other females long after the initial breakup. Boys that have been ruined by one wretched girl are literally the worst. You know the girls I’m talking about; they are jealous, ruthless, controlling and vindictive. If you have a friend like this, advise her to cut the crap for the sake of single females everywhere.

The aftermath of the destructive wakes these females leave behind could last for years to come. These poor guys are like beaten down little puppies after they finally find the courage to end it. Then they become treacherous. They become the smooth criminals, the ones who know exactly what to say to get girls right where they want them. These are the boys that will almost act like a boyfriend by taking a girl out to dinner, calling or texting, and giving half-hearted but seemingly sincere compliments; the sweet talkers. However, they will never act on it even if the girl is perfect for them. They will find some garbage excuse not to be with her.

The underlying cause for all of this can be traced back to old injuries left behind by the previous she-devil. Although no 20-something-year-old guy would ever admit this, that would mean showing normal human emotion and vulnerability and God knows that would just be blasphemy.

These boys have it in their mind that toying with girls is ok. Just because you are now single does not mean you can throw all sense of morality out the window. Single girls should not be forced to pay for what some other girl did. I’m not saying that guys should settle into another relationship right away. If you want to be single, go ahead and be single. What I’m saying is that you can’t go around acting like Prince Charming, saying and doing all of the right things, only to fall off the grid a week or two later. You also cannot make it seem like the girl is crazy for wanting or expecting more when you are acting like you are willing to give more. Girls are crazy and boys are stupid; but what actually makes girls crazy is stupid boys.

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