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Relationship Column: Uncomfortable Ex’s

Alex Parker

No one likes their significant other’s ex hanging around. Why would you? It’s sort of awkward. However, sometimes there is no way around it. They hang out in the same group of friends that you and your boyfriend/girlfriend do (that’s why dating within your immediate circle of friends tends to be a bad idea, besides the fact that you could also end up as the awkward ex!).

So here you are, hanging out with your friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend and in walks the ex, now what? What do you do or say? Does everyone else notice the peculiar look on your face? I guess it all depends on the type of relationship they have with, who is now, your spouse. I’m going to take this from a girl’s perspective, seeing as I am, in fact, a girl.

The worst thing that this ex-girlfriend could do is give my boyfriend a hug or kiss hello in front of my face. It’s just a respect thing; girls as a whole tend to be untrustworthy, especially to other girls. So rule number one, keep your paws of my guy; you had him, you lost him, and now he’s mine so back off.

If I know that you still call, text, and whatever else all the time, talking about your personal problems, chances are I’m not going to like you. What will make it way worse is if I know that you were not the nicest of girlfriends and treated him with less respect then he deserves. Now I’m really not going to like you and will most likely give you dirty looks and make you feel uncomfortable any opportunity I get.

If you maintain a respectful distance and don’t approach me like I’m the evil new girlfriend, then I will be friendly. I don’t want to be mean and make you uncomfortable but if I feel that it’s necessary, don’t doubt me, because I will not make it a fun time for you. I have no problem sharing my friends but I will not share my boyfriend.

I suppose the moral of this story is to treat my boyfriend and I with respect and don’t make your presence uncomfortable for us. If you do, I will be sure to return the favor.

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