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Relationship Column: Valentine’s Day

Alex Parker

We meet again Valentine’s Day. At least it’s a reliable holiday; it comes the same day every year so you have time to prepare yourself. I’ve found that there is no gray area around the feelings towards this day, you either love it or you hate it. If you have a significant other, chances are you enjoy it. If you’re single, you probably can’t stand it.

It’s supposed to be this one special day of the year that you devote to the person that you love, which sounds great in theory. But that’s not what Valentine’s Day is about. It’s about spending money, getting flowers and candy, all types of trinkets in the shape of a heart, and getting taken out to dinner.

First of all, what holiday isn’t about spending money anymore? Two, I do NOT want to go out to eat on every restaurants busiest day of the year so I can wait for over an hour to eat mediocre food. And three, buy me flowers on a random Tuesday and I will appreciate it so much more than receiving them on the one day of the year that every woman in the world is getting them too.

That’s not special and certainly doesn’t prove that you care about me.  It proves that you looked at a calendar and remembered, “Oh crap, I have to get her stuff so she doesn’t get mad at me.”  Of course I’ll never be against getting gifts from the person I care about. My point is that I’d prefer flowers on a random day, not the biggest Hallmark holiday there is.

Now, I know all of you reading this that aren’t single are thinking to yourself that this is just the ranting and raving of a bitter, single girl. Not true, I still felt this way even when I had a boyfriend. I have always thought this Valentine’s Day was superfluous and overrated. I just think it’s silly for everyone to get so worked up and strung out over a nonsense holiday.

Food for thought: If you need a set date to remember to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them then you may want to rethink your priorities.

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