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RELATIONSHIP COLUMN: What Not to Say to Your Boyfriend

Alex Parker

Although it is February, I will not be writing about the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine’s Day. I have written about it in the year’s prior and if you continually read my column, you know I’m not exactly a fan of this holiday. Instead I will be adding on to last week’s column in which I decoded some typical female language. This week, I will help out the ladies with a few things you should never say to your boyfriend.

Literally anything involving your ex-boyfriend/s: “My ex used to…” “I loved when my ex…” “I’m still friends with my ex,” etc. You get the point. No guy wants to hear about this aspect of your past. Not every guy will feel threatened by this, but some might if they are insecure and definitely if it is a new relationship. Trust me ladies, leave your ex’s in the past, where they belong. Remember they are your ex’s for a reason.

Talking about your future marriage/children: Most fe­males plan their wedding in the early years of their life. We dream about how many kids we will have and what their names will be and so on. Guess what? Guys don’t do that, at all. Remember what I said last week about girls being complex and boys being relatively simple. Here’s one fact for you; guys simply do not want to hear about your future children. Talk about it too much and you may as well sign your relationship’s death certificate. It freaks them out.

“Do you think she’s pretty?”: That is a loaded question and every girl out there knows it. There is literally no right answer to that question. If the guy says yes it will lead to the ensuing argument that your guy thinks she’s prettier than you. If he says no you will most likely tell him he’s lying and that he can be honest. Let us be honest with our­selves here ladies, he cannot be honest about this. You will freak out either way. Don’t put your guy behind the gun for no reason.

“Notice anything different?”: Here is another loaded ques­tion. If he doesn’t get it right on the first or second-guess, he’s going to be in the doghouse and you know it. Instead, why don’t you say some­thing like, “I got a new pair of jeans, do you like them?” Don’t set your man up for failure.

“Your friend is gorgeous/charming”: Girls, even if the guy your bf just introduced you to was comparable to George Clooney or David Beckham, do not say it out loud. Think about if your man said that to you about one of your friends who, in your mind, looks like Hei­di Klum or Megan Fox, you would not eat carbs for a month and most likely have a melt down. What makes you think your guy isn’t going to get equally as insecure about it.

“I don’t know/care”: This one in particular drives my boyfriend insane. He knows that nine times out of ten, I’m going to say no to whatever he suggests.

“Maybe later”: This is another thing I say that my boyfriend can’t stand. He thinks that anytime I say maybe, it’s going to turn into a no. Which I can’t say is completely false. I always say maybe with good intentions but it does turn into no a good portion of the time.

Ok ladies, there it is; just a few things that you should definitely refrain from saying to your man. I’m sure the guys reading this could come up with much more. But here are a few helpful hints to avoid any distress in your relationship. Consider it a Valentine’s Day gift from me to all of you.

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