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Relationship Column: You Jump, I Jump?

Alex Parker

Alex Parker

There isn’t a girl in the world who doesn’t gush over big screen romances. That Jack and Rose, “You jump, I jump,” or Noah and Allie, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” type of love. A love so strong and passionate that it feels like you will literally burst if you can’t be with that person. I highly doubt this is something that guys in their twenties think about, but I am positive that girls think about it all  the time and have done so since they were old enough to have an idea about what love is. Now that I have hit 20, I’m really not sure that this exists outside of the movies.

Am I really supposed to think the human race is capable of a Twilight romance? A human lifetime isn’t enough for Bella, no no no, she has to turn herself into a vampire so she can be with Edward for eternity. Let’s be real here. There are limits and boundaries to how far love can go.

Of course we are capable of being in love but I just don’t think that this fairytale love is attainable. I am not always this “glass half empty” but in all seriousness, how could I not be pessimistic about this? Divorces are just about as common as chewing gum these days. Then of course we have celebrities who seem to just get married to make a quick buck off all the hype. Insert Kris Humphries/ Kim Kardashian joke here.

Maybe it’s because, in my opinion, people get married too young these days. It’s not like it was back in the 1900s when getting married in your early twenties was commonplace or appropriate. As a whole, we are completely different kinds of people now. There’s no reason to get married that young. People want different things when they’re 20 than they do when they’re 30. Your twenties are supposed to be the time in your life when you have fun and see the world. Instead, many of us are under the impression that it’s the time to settle down.

So say you do get married, and then you wake up in ten years and want different things out of life and your marriage. Too bad, you got married, you took vows. We forget the “‘til death do us part” portion. It’s all taken completely for granted. When and if I decide to get married, I only want to do it once. The earliest age I would even consider it is 28 and even that is pushing it a little.

I have a few friends who are either engaged or married already. I haven’t come right out and said that I think they made a bad decision because it’s not my business. There’s no need, we’re too young and there’s no guarantee that you will feel the same about this person in a decade.

So for right now, if you jump, I will not be following you, if you’re a bird, chances are I’m not, and I will not be attempting to turn myself into an immortal for anyone. But hey, maybe my prince charming just got lost on his way to my house and refuses to stop and ask for directions. I’ll be sure to let you all know if he shows up.

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