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Self-Promote on Twitter

Many of us assume Twitter to be just another social networking system like Facebook and Myspace. It started as a fun way to post pictures and update one’s status with activities of their daily life, however it grew into something much more than that.  Today, students across college campuses are using Twitter to find and market themselves for jobs.

We students are constantly warned about what we put on the Internet –especially now that potential employers search the web to look for existing Twitter accounts. Instead of worrying about this and blocking everything we do, we should be using these social networks to help us. Employers are going to look at them either way, so why not use it to market ourselves appropriately?

Twitter is one of the most popular marketing devices being used today. Television shows, websites, movies, and even news programs will often tell you, “Follow us on Twitter.” If you actually like the program or product being advertised, you will most likely follow them or at least check out their site.

Career fields like journalism, television, radio, advertising and public relations are constantly using Twitter to advertise their shows and/or products and get messages across. If you are planning to get involved in any of these fields, developing a good image on Twitter and learning how to work the site appropriately is highly recommended, and can be quite an advantage.

Public Relations major Alexa DeMartino is a fan of Twitter. “Twitter is different from Facebook, you can follow people and get updates constantly and instantly,” states DeMartino. “I am constantly getting updates from specific people I follow on Twitter, and it helps me network.”

Social media has changed the way we use and even look at the Internet. It allows people to put themselves out there in ways they were never able to before. Marketing yourself on Twitter is one of those ways to take advantage of the new technology of the Internet.

It is an extremely easy networking system to get started –for the only difficult part is finding a user name that hasn’t been used yet. However after you find one that fits you, it is time to start “tweeting.” Start off by following companies, organizations, or even people who you are interested in or a job you may want to be employed with. Post pictures or tweet about clubs and projects you are involved in. You can even create more than one Twitter –a personal and a professional one. Now get out there and start TWEETING!

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