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I hope everyone is having a great and productive semester.  This is Sarah, one of your SGA senators. Here is your weekly update!  Thursday September 23rd we held our first Town Hall meeting, which was very productive.  Thank you to all that came and shared with us! We love to know how you are feeling and in what ways we can make the campus better for our student body.

We are looking into all of the issues mentioned at the meeting and will let you know as soon as more information becomes available to us. Some of the issues brought to us included,; security which the provost addressed and asked that we take note of the time and place of the issue,; resident halls maintenance on the weekends,; customer service both at Bursar and at Winnick,; the shuttle bus schedule, and also the club promotion flyers all over campus.

If you have anything other comments or concerns and cannot make it to our meetings, our contact information is on the board next to the SGA office (second floor of Hillwood Commons.)

Furthermore, we hope we have been and will remain a great service to you. Thank you for your concern and help.  And just remember: Start Getting Active!


Sarah Boylan

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