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Shuttle Service

By Carlos Abreu
Staff Writer

There is a feud over the shuttle and its service. Some don’t mind, while others complain that they should add more hours on weekends or that they should fix their schedule. I am one of the students that aren’t as content with the bus service. Whether I’m going to Lorber Hall or Broadway Mall, I always find myself waiting five to 10 minutes more than the time it is scheduled to come. But that isn’t the issue for me; in fact, I don’t mind waiting a few minutes for the shuttle if it gets me to where I want to go.
The real issue for me is that the shuttle stops working at 9 p.m., on Monday-Thursdays. On the weekends, it runs from 12 to 5 p.m., which is ridiculous. The shuttle also has a gap from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., where it is not running. This becomes frustrating for commuters who need to get to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station in Hicksville and cannot because the shuttle is too full to fit any more students at 4 p.m.
My theory is if they run the service all day the shuttle would be emptier in the afternoon because the commuters who finish classes during common hour can go home and not have to wait for the 4 p.m. shuttle.
Also, for people who might have jobs in the mall, it’ll be more convenient if the shuttle operated after 9 p.m., because the student would be able to take it back to campus.
Ileana Lado, sophomore Psychology major, said, “It would be much more convenient if the shuttle ran longer night hours and came more frequently.”
The shuttle should also make a habit of going to the Hicksville Station first so the commuters can take the earlier train and not have to wait twenty minutes for the next train to come to the station.
I do believe that the shuttle service is doing its best. However, some changes have to be made so it can accommodate the students

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