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Spring Break

By Angela Alfano
Staff Writer

Spring Break is upon us, a much-needed recess for the students of LIU Post. Between the everyday stress of classes and work, a week off from school is a vacation in itself. Not all spring breaks carry the same stigma as the 2013 movie “Spring Breakers,” starring Selena Gomez. Some students at Post may be off from school, but still carry the responsibility of working, playing sports or seeing their families.

Spring Break

A week off from school creates free time for students. While some choose to go on a vacation or lay up in bed during spring break, other students opt to work and earn some extra cash.

Kaitlin Veygel, a junior Broadcasting major, said that she will be spending her week off working as a nanny for two young girls. Veygel has been the nanny for these two girls for the past three years. Although this may seem like a routine gig for Veygel, this year has definitely brought on some challenges, making this spring break a bit more difficult.

The girls are nine and three years old. The younger of the two was recently diagnosed with a heart condition, which requires more attention than before. With the new responsibilities that come along with watching a child with special needs, Veygel will have her hands full with the two girls over the break.

Some students who are on athletic scholarship at Post, or simply dorm from out of state, are all too familiar with airports. Shelby Townsend, a sophomore Journalism major and member of the golf team, will be one of those students spending Spring Break traveling. Her first trip will be with her teammates to North Carolina for a golf tournament.

After the tournament is over, Townsend will be headed to Florida for the remainder of the break to spend time with her parents.

Personally, I have never had a crazy spring break in Cancún with friends and end the trip with no recollection of our travels, returning home with one less friend than when I left; nor do I plan to start, at least not this semester, anyway. For me, spring break is about relaxation from school. Ideally, I would have off from work as well as school, but a week off from one stressor is fine enough with me.

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