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Staying the Course

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

As the calendar turns from March to April, and the snow mounds finally give way to the warmth of spring, the end of the semester is finally insight. With our eyes set on the much anticipated arrival of warmer weather, we unknowingly have entered the final ‘Dog Days’ of the spring semester.

Let’s face it, we’ve all shown signs of spring fever by zoning out in class as we fantasize about a day at the beach, relaxing by the pool, or playing basketball at the park. With that said, students at Post all face a grim and sobering reality. Final exams are just four weeks away, and now is the time to really buckle down and focus during class.

How does one remain focused in class during these final days of the semester?

“Stay the course, show up to class, pay attention, and get what you need to get done, done,” said Nathaniel Reisenberg, a Professor of Calculus who has been at the university for over 20 years. “I see students all the time day dreaming in class as the weather gets warmer. Heck! Some stop showing up to class. As a result of this, their grades suffer.”

This is a professor’s perspective, and, it’s helpful to take this advice because after all, they’re the judge and jury when it comes to your grade. However, some pundits will respond, saying, “Ah well that’s a teachers perspective, they’re not 20 years old in 2015.” But many students also agree Reisenberg’s advice.

“I get invited to parties every weekend, sometimes even during the week, but I have to turn them down,” said Lisa Ventura, a junior Chemistry major. “Yeah I want to go out, who doesn’t? But at the same time, I want to pass all my classes, going can wait a few more weeks.”

“You get what you put in,” said Dan Cox, a Media professor and LIU Post graduate. Can it be any simpler?

College courses are tough, especially as the semester comes to a close. However, when it comes to successfully finishing that course, you hold the key to your destiny. If it means trading off a night at a friend’s house for a night at the library to study for an upcoming final, it’ll sure be worth it at the end of the semester.

Personally, taking full advantage of common hour has helped me a lot through my first two years at Post. During common hour, I, on average accumulate an extra five hours of study time during the week. The school also offers affordable and free tutoring services for students who may feel that they need that extra boost from a peer. Even asking your professors a few more questions in class can help turn that B into an A, and have you on your way to maintaining that 4.0 GPA.

So there you have it, pay attention in class and try to add as much study time to your day as possible, because, after all, “You get, what you put in.”

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