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Students Agree: Texting Often Unsafe and Rude

By Julian Wilson
Staff writer

Students seem to be attached to their cell phones now more than ever. However, does that make it okay to text and drive, to text during class, or at dinner with your friends or family? LIU Post students responded overwhelmingly that manners and safety still do matter when it comes to cell phone use.

“You’re not paying for school to text,” said Jake Scotto, a junior Broadcasting major. In addition to being opposed to students texting in class, Scotto said that texting and driving makes him really mad. “Driving and texting pisses me off to no end, [and] not because you’re risking your own life. That’s your choice, but because you’ll hurt or even kill someone else just to grab your phone to text someone.”

Scotto said that it is unacceptable to text, “I’ll be there in five minutes,” at the same time as you’re driving. He added, “Texting and playing games when you’re with people is kind of rude. It’s not appropriate when you’re with people, driving or in class.”

Richard Renelique, a sophomore Broadcasting major, agreed. “It is appropriate to use my phone when I am alone, not moving, or not in a place where I must be silent. This is because I do not want to be a disruptive person, or put my life at risk,” he said.

“I have no intention to come close to death because of texting,” Renelique added. “To kids who text and drive, I’d tell them to find some alternative or learn self-control, or else they could end up injured or even deceased. You can even try parking before using the phone, at the very least,” Renelique stated.

Stephanie Morales, a sophomore Art Therapy major, also agreed that texting and driving should not be mixed. “Kids that text and drive do not realize how dangerous that could be. They could not only hurt themselves, but also others. They could take someone’s life,” she said. She also lamented about the plain rudeness of texting around others. “It’s appropriate to use your phone when you’re alone or not disturbing anyone around you because most people find being on a phone rude. For kids that text in class, I think it is rude and distracting to the teacher and students during lectures, but should be allowed when nothing important is going on.”

Josh Levine, sophomore Psychology major, like many college students, texts all day long. “I use my phone from when I wake up to when I fall asleep. I don’t really stop using it except driving, and when in conversation.” Levine continued, “Texting and driving is stupid. Wait until you’re at a red light or home. Never text while driving, it’s extremely dangerous, and you or others could get hurt.”

It is okay to text when you’re by yourself, and not bothering those around you. Texting while on the road is absolutely not acceptable, nor is using your phone in class. If you have an emergency to tend to, or a really important call that cannot wait, excuse yourself and respond to the text in the hallway. Your professors and classmates will appreciate
it. Please remember that every action has a consequence, not only when using your phone but in life, as well. It is your job to be proactive about decisions that you make.

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