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Students Start Handmade Businesses

Last updated on Feb 15, 2021

By Alyssa Spagna, Staff Writer

In these trying times of the pandemic, with the rise in unemployment, students are doing anything they can to earn a bit of extra money.

The pandemic and lockdowns have led several creative students to start their own online businesses. Students are making many different artistic valuables, such as jewelry, and even custom designer items.

“My business Who Needs Canvas is based on wearable art,” said sophomore musical theatre major Jordan Coene.

Coene paints individualized accessories such as wallets, wristlets, fanny packs, cross bodies, satchels, totes, backpacks, belts, shoes, and leather jackets.

“I mostly paint characters, but I can do realism as well.” said Coene. She became very interested in art in eighth grade, kickstarting her success in this field of business.

“I loved painting and would practice everyday. Our teacher taught us to paint using canvases, so almost every week I’d go to the store to buy more canvases to paint on.”

Seeing all of her artwork made her want other people to appreciate it as well.“I wanted people to be able to see my work, and they couldn’t see it if all of my canvases were tucked away in boxes under my bed.”

This is when she came up with the name of her business “Who Needs Canvas”.“I thought, to hell with canvases and started my own business painting accessories.” Said Coene.

Coene’s business is growing quickly, after two more sales, she will have sold 50 pieces in total since starting her company almost a year ago.  “Who Needs Canvas” is not just a local business either. Jordan has shipped her artwork worldwide. 

“I am very excited to say that I have had some international orders as well, including the UK and Australia.”

With the holidays coming up, Coene knows she will be working on tons of orders at a time. 

“I suggest sending over a message soon, as I am already starting to get some holiday orders lined up” she said.

Coene’s business can be found on multiple social media platforms such as instagram and facebook at @who.needs.cavas. For more information students can reach Coene at

Another student who has created their own business is junior musical theatre major Angelina Umbrica. “I started my business this Summer around the time everyone picked up a hobby during quarantine,” Umbrica said.

Umbrica makes earrings out of polymer clay, her favorite style to create is funky 2-D geometric shapes. “Geometric shapes for earrings make such a statement,” they remarked.

Umbrica’s business has been growing since the summer. “Off the top of my head I would say I’ve made about 30 sales, mostly from friends and family,” they said.

Even though Umbrica mostly sells their items to friends and family, anyone is welcome to place an order.

“I’m always down to make some personalized earrings based on style. Anyone can send me pictures of their favorite outfit, Pinterest boards, colors, and I can make earrings to match,” they said. 

Students interested in purchasing a pair of homemade earrings from Umbrica can find her on Instagram at @claytimewithang.

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