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Sugar Daddies and College Degrees


Adrianna Alvarez

Opinions Editor

Sugar Daddy: An older rich man who gives young women money for companion­ship….Or so they say. Recently posted an article covering the topic of the average sugar baby. These are young college women who seek beneficial relationships with older men to help pay their way for college.

One of the most famous sugar daddy websites says that 44 percent of their users are female college students. Have times really become that difficult that college women are resorting to this? For years, people have been going to school, maintaining a social life, working, and graduating with a college de­gree. This is not a safe option to pay the bills.

Meeting random people online is never something that is recommended. There is always the possibility of something going wrong (your safety, their true identity etc.). Also, you can never truly tell what a persons real incentive for meeting up is. For example, the site claims to be companionship for men, and yet it has several different teasing head­lines, some reading: “Spoil them and they’ll spoil you,” “Just looking for a girl who likes to have fun“ and “Lets see where the night goes“. You can even look through some of the members, most of the profiles are written with the insinuation of something more than just companionship.

“It’s kind of like dumb to say that the night is not going to end up in sex. Even if it’s not included that is what they are looking for. They are paying for company, but you got to be kidding, it’s not really just for company. They want something more out of it,” said Sebastian Pascagaza, a sophomore Vocal Per­formance major.

After I read the article on CNN, it was hard for me to believe that this kind of thing was actually going on, and that there was a website publicizing it. Men are really giving out money to have a “dinner date” with wom­en; while women are soliciting themselves.

Simone Costa, a freshman English major said,“ I think its just wrong and disgusting and gross. Young girls should not be doing this just to get money from men, and the men should not be doing this either. Its just wrong and undermining and it should not be al­lowed, they should take the website down.”

“I would not do this. I mainly go about my choices through a criminal justice per­spective because I want to be a cop and I just see this as a form of prostitution. I think they should crack down on this site like it is pros­titution,” expressed Melissa Renner, a sopho­more Criminal Justice major.

Depending on others to pay your bills can cause many is­sues. First, this gives the person who is handing you money lots of control. You may then find your­self in a position having to determine how far you will go for money. Also, you won’t feel that liber­ating feeling of being independent, which may cause your self-esteem to become nonexistent. There are many ways to pay for school, without having to literally put yourself out there.

Brian Harrigan, senior Psychology major said, “Its sad that girls would do that because I guess they feel the need for money, and they need money so much that they are willing to use somebody else for money. They [older men] are just as sad, or even more sad.”

These sites almost don’t seem legal. The man who launched the website, Steven Pasterneck, claims that there is nothing il­legal and that the relationships are mutually beneficial. Pasterneck, being the creator of the site, would of course see nothing wrong with this and his idea of women and rela­tionships seems to be a little off stating in the CNN article, “ I think you can say basi­cally any guy who wants to impress a woman is a sugar daddy.” Well, not all of us feel the need to pay someone to spend time with us, and not all of us chase men for money. Some people do meet, genuinely like and care for one another and enjoy each other’s company.

Is this site really “helping struggling women” like it claims? Or is this just a cleaver way that society has sugar coated a larger issue?

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