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Surviving the study week

Yana Nadelyaeva

Monday morning, it’s 7 a.m. and the alarm is ringing. The only thing which prevents my alarm clock from being thrown into a wall is the fact that it’s my cell phone. With an improbable effort, I push myself out of warm and cozy bed to start a new study week.

Usually I spend my weekends off-campus- at my friends places in Manhattan or Brooklyn. So my mood is getting worse already on Sunday evening, when I realize that it’s time to stop partying, relaxing, entertaining myself and others—having fun in general—and it’s time to come back to campus and get ready for another hard week.

But Monday morning seems to be even worse. I make my way to the shower in order to wake myself up and get at least a little energy to start a new day. But as usual there is something that adds more trouble to an already difficult morning, you can’t choose what to wear (because by accident you tear your tights or notice some spot on your favorite blouse) or you can’t find some necessary stuff for class. As for me, I have something like that every time! It seems that together with a ruthless alarm and disgusting morning, the whole world is against you!

It doesn’t matter how many hours I sleep, I am unable to start a day without a couple of coffees. Fresh and cool morning wind takes away the last signs of sleepiness and for the first time this morning, you manage to unscramble your thoughts; what classes you have today, what assignments you were supposed to do and so on. In the classroom you are getting involved in your classmates conversations; it could be about your weekend, some assignments, or a quiz. During common hour you grab more coffee and meet some friends. The second half of the day always passes quicker. Thanks God—it’s already evening! That hard Monday practically comes to the end.

Surprisingly, all other weekdays pass even faster and then it’s already Thursday evening and you are done with your school week. So, you are welcome to make new awesome plans for the coming weekend and relax!

I am just a freshman and can’t imagine how the things will be when I have an internship or part-time job. But I hope that a few more cups of coffee during the day and some advice from senior college friends will help me not to get into a real time management trouble and to cope with everything with a little less stress!


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