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Technology in the Classroom

By Michelle Morey
Staff Writer

LIU Post wants you to “find out how good you really are,” but how can the students do so if they are not given the tools needed? There doesn’t necessarily have to be a smart-board in every classroom, although most colleges and primary schools on Long Island are providing just that. Even just changing all of the old chalkboards into white, dry erase boards is enough.

However, not everyone feels that Post is in the Stone Age when it comes to technology. “I know that a lot of classrooms don’t use a lot of technology, but in the Broadcasting department, we are being given state-of-the-art video cameras, and just got brand new Mac computers,” said Connor Vogt, a senior Broadcasting major.

“I’m in the graduate program in the Psychology department and it’s not like we use a lot of technology, but what I don’t get is that every year incoming students are being given free iPads. So, why aren’t they being incorporated into the classrooms?” questioned Joann Scimeca, a graduate student in the Psychology department.

A lot of students feel the same way, and also said that many professors don’t let you use these iPads, or any technology in their classrooms. Why give us something that can be used in the classroom to better our education, if professors won’t incorporate it?

Then again, there are professors who believe strongly in learning what technology can be used for in your future occupations. “In a journalism class I took last year, we had to learn how to use Instagram, and Pinterest, and many other social medias that we students use almost every day,” said Talia Charlton, a 2014 graduate of LIU Post.

It’s hard to understand why a school that prides itself on its slogan, “find out how good you really are,” doesn’t take advantage of the learning possibilities that technology has to offer. It’s not even manageable to have WiFi working properly in all buildings, let alone Internet working on all of the computers.

Students want to see more technology being incorporated into the classroom, but how long will it take to do so?

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