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Technology Takeover

By Danielle Marano
Staff Writer

Picture this: you and a group of friends decide to go out for dinner on a Friday night. You all haven’t seen each other in quite some time, and feel the need to catch up. As soon as you’re seated at a booth, someone pulls out his or her phone, then another person. Eventually, you’re the only person not on your phone, so you decide to check your texts too; why not? Now, all of you are so wrapped up in social media and texting, no one is actually speaking to each other.

Jessica Peace, a senior Photo major. Photo: Khadijah Swann
Jessica Peace, a senior Photo major.
Photo: Khadijah Swann

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon scenario. Technology has taken over our generation and become something that interferes with our daily lives.

Smart Phones, iPads, laptops and iPods are some of our constant companions just to name a few. Technology, though seemingly wonderful and helpful, has taken the place of friends and real conversation. It also has stunted our ability to socialize face-to-face, without us even noticing or caring much.

Thirty LIU Post students with varying majors and ages were surveyed in an independent study made by The Pioneer, and 22 of them said they believe that techology is more hurtful than helpful to our generation. The other eight did not see the harm in technology.

Kylie Garrett, a junior Broadcasting major, admitted to being dependent on her cell phone. “I’ve never been without it for as long as I can remember; it’s just what I’m used to,” Garrett said. She added that friendships would be stronger without the meddling of technology because we tend to lack the desire to be entertained by friends in person.

Katelyn Cotto, a sophomore Dance major, agreed, saying, “We get so caught up in technology that we tend to forget about our surroundings.”

I personally use my phone throughout the day and find myself surprised, and frankly disappointed, each time new technology is introduced. It’s as if there’s always a new technological craze for people to obsess over, especially college students. Sometimes I think the world would be a happier, less crazy place without it all.

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