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Television VS. Streaming

By Destiny Diggs
Staff Writer

There is no question that technology has expanded opportunities for one to explore and come in contact with information outside of people’s homes. The Internet does not only offer statistical data, but also leisure activities. This leisure has been taken advantage by the babies of the nineties — the generation of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

These sources of technology provide access to streaming. Some popular outlets of streaming are YouTube, Crackle, Amazon, Google Play, and Hulu, which all can be used to watch movies and television episodes conveniently. Streaming and television contain positives and negatives that have elevated our nation to another level of quick entertainment overall.

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With the growth of streaming, the TV broadcasts have lost viewers due to streaming’s pervasive accessibility. “The average person watched about 141 hours of live television per month in the third quarter of 2014, compared to 147 hours in the third quarter of 2013.” (Time Magazine, 12/3/2014). Apple products provide an application for streaming, which has become more popular as the demand for Apple products increases. Applications are also available with Android and Windows Phones — all suitable for the film or television program of the user’s choice.

“I prefer streaming because of its ability to be ubiquitous,” said Marlin Slack, a sophomore Musical Theater major. “I think streaming gives you the opportunity to experience in simple ways, such as with a cellphone and in the comfort of your own home.”

Entertainment is made easy with handheld technology, making the experience more enjoyable and relaxed. Before streaming, DVD’s were purchased. These are now overlooked, because the products are heavily stored. The small devices used today allow an individual to be entertained while traveling, as well as being a way to save money by not having to go to the theaters and/or buying DVD and DVD players.

“I really only use Netflix,” said Robert McGrath, a sophomore Musical Theater major.

“My family uses it and I think it is accessible and convenient,” he added.

Despite of the popularity arising from streaming, there are still people who enjoy watching TV. The television provides a wider screen and multiple effects such as LED, LCD, flat screen, curved screen, three- to four-dimensional cinema effects, surround sound, configuration, and screens that can be customized to a size of your choice. However, streaming providers have made it possible to connect the computer up to the TV and stream directly from the computer to the TV.

“Personally, I choose television because of the advantage of a bigger screen,” said Kymani Green, a junior Biology major. “With streaming on my laptop, I am not always accessible to wi-fi.”

No wi-fi or Internet connection becomes an inconvenience because not all areas provide wi-fi. If they do, it is not always guaranteed that it is free of charge.

Watching that favorite TV show or movie in the comfort of one’s home is more personal and special than watching entertainment on a handheld or laptop device. By watching from home, I believe the mind settles in faster and allows the body rest.

Streaming is a great way to stay connected with one’s favorite TV programs and movies while being away from home, as they are quickly accessible from the smartphone and tablet. Hence streaming becoming popular because of the high demand of smartphones. The TV provides an enticing experience and makes viewers feel as if they were in a theater, and has not gotten old because of its easy maintenance.

Technology has created a way that enables one to enjoy both of these useful resources when the time is appropriate. Through the use of smartphones and applications, entertainment is at the fingertips of those who long for a good laugh and/or cry. Streaming and the television are constantly evolving to meet the standards and needs of today’s people. Each source of entertainment assists each individual in ways that are comforting for every person, depending on one’s preference.

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