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The Commuter Column: Is commuting for you, or not for you?

Last updated on Sep 19, 2018

By Travis Fortounas

Staff Writer

Campus life is completely different for a commuter than it is for a student dorming on campus.

Commuters spend less time on campus and therefore have to pile classes into two or three days a week, which can be stressful. Resident students are able to scatter their classes throughout the week, making time management and scheduling easier.

While my friends were hard at work trying to decide on the dream colleges, I was figuring out the easiest way to save money for my family, and at the same time get the education I deserved. I knew commuting was going to be one of my biggest challenges when I enrolled here last year. Yet, the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve shared have made commuting from Miller Place in Suffolk County an effortless trip.

Commuting from over an hour away has its downsides. Traffic on the Long Island Expressway every morning makes a cup of coffee and loud music a must. When driving alone, not being able to utilize the HOV lane or have someone else to talk to during the drive can also be challenging.

A long commute minimizes the time spent socializing and studying. Students who dorm can socialize with their roommates and other students in their residence hall. Commuting students may feel that they can only stay for classes, knowing they have to drive far to get back home. However, they can still socialize with their peers in places like Hillwood Commons.

While dorming has its perks, I find my best work is done in my house where distractions are minimal and help is just an email away. Leaving my family for a long period of time is something I wouldn’t be able to do. I enjoy the drive and the company I’m greeted by every day when I arrive on campus.

Commuting students can still be outgoing and personable with others on campus. My personality has brought me a long way at this school, and the great friends I’ve made since last year have impacted my college career forever.

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