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The New Freshman Class

By Julian Wilson
Assistant Opinions Editor

For students who’ve been attending LIU Post for a while, the commute around campus can be an easy one, once you get used to it. However, what about the students who are adjusting to their new ground?

With winter break over, a new spring semester is upon us, and this year’s freshman class is just starting to learn its way around. Given the faulty circumstances of bad weather and delayed openings, how do the current freshmen feel about Post?

Photo by Tia-Mona Greene


Radiology major Sarah Kang is truly having a great time at Post with all that the university has to offer. “The first half of my year was fun, especially since I was on the soccer team. It always made my day busy, and I’m looking forward to finishing this semester with a decent GPA,” Kang said.

The same goes for Business Management major Abraham Orenstein, who seconds Kang’s notion of positive vibes and good times. “I met all sorts of people and have awesome friends. I’m looking forward to hanging with my friends again, [but am] not looking forward to taking Spanish class, which I struggle with,” Orenstein said.

“My favorite thing to do at Post is to hang out with my friends in the rec room,” Orenstein added. “We play all sorts of card games, like ‘Magic, the Gathering’ and ‘Hearthstone.’ ”

Academically, Orenstein also favors the tutoring center, as it helps him do better in classes that he struggles with.

Kang, on the other hand, takes pride and fun in our Athletics Department and the teams that make it all happen, the Pioneers.

“My favorite things about Post are the sports games, and how exciting they can get,” she said, revealing that her most highlighted moment came with her fellow soccer team members when they qualified for the NCAA tournament.

Unlike Kang, Orenstein doesn’t necessarily have a single, highlighted moment, but he does have something important to say.

“My least favorite things about Post are mainly the hours of all the food places on campus,” Orenstein said. “I used to eat dinner late, but Winnick closes so early, especially on the weekends.”

As for me, personally, I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. From day one, I sensed a great community vibe, and everyone was really friendly and willing to help. I had great professors, great friends, and great experiences. For the entire new freshman this year, I have this to say: be sure to have fun, and enjoy every moment that you can. However, at the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for help, because there will always be someone there for you.

Are you a freshman for the 2015 academic semester, welcome to Post! If not, then welcome back! If you have any suggestions or comments for The Pioneer, your campus newspaper, please email us at

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