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The Post Tennis Club expands, providing athletic opportunities for students

By Nicholas Fioravanti, Staff Writer

Do you want something fun to do on campus besides attending all of your classes, which at times may be tiring? Do you miss the feeling of playing a sport for fun or your high school team? Are you looking for a fun excuse to exercise? 

Look no further than the LIU Post Tennis Club here. Tennis Club President and junior political science major Robin Mahabir spoke on the club and their plans for the semester. 

“I started taking lessons [as a kid] over the summers, and as soon as I started playing it, it came a lot quicker to me than the other kids. It’s something I really enjoy doing,” he said. 

This love of tennis has propelled Mahabir to promote and run the tennis club while also pursuing his Political Science degree here at Post. In between his studies, he sets up the nets and holds meetings for the club at the tennis court outside of the Pratt Recreation Center. Although tennis may not be the sport people typically think of when finding a recreational sport in college, he encourages people of all skill levels to participate. 

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The tennis club is looking to extend its reach to more students by incorporating other sports people may be more comfortable with, that may be similar to tennis. Mahabir explains that they are looking to add badminton and pickleball to their repertoire in an effort to attract more newcomers. 

“I’ve noticed that tennis can seem a little intimidating to new people, badminton is something a lot of people played in high school, and pickleball is a growing sport, it’s really popular right now. We figure this is a good way to get people into tennis,” he said. 

Mahabir encourages people of all skill levels and athletic abilities to come to the meetings and hopefully pick up one of the sports. 

“You don’t need any experience at all [to play] with the club. I’d say about 80 percent of the people who join the tennis club have never played before, and it’s really amazing how much progress they make in just a few months. I enjoy helping out members of the club and newcomers and creating a space where people can come and have fun. When I’m playing at the meetings, I don’t feel as though I’m the president of the club, I’m just another person playing tennis,” he said.

Overall, the tennis club hopes to be a fun and welcoming place for students of all skill levels and abilities. If you are interested in joining the club, you can reach out to them directly on Instagram at @liuposttennisclub. 

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