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The Sweets and Sours of The Post Treat Shoppe

By Katie Muller
Staff Writer

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As students returned from winter break and stepped into the familiar lobby of Hillwood, many couldn’t help but notice the new Post Treat Shoppe under construction. While the doors remained unopened during the first week of classes, curiosity still sparked murmurs from those who passed by its clear, closed doors.

Jesus Cardenas, a senior Business and Film double major, who is also a staff member at the Hillwood Information Desk, mentioned that the sweet shop is actually run by students, so students will be able to work in the new candy store. The store will sell both baked goods and candy, such as lollipops, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and other popular candies. They also have more healthful alternates such as baked chips, Cliff bars, granola, trail mix and unsweetened candy.

“It’s pretty fun,” said Susan Kelly, a junior Fine Arts major, who works at the shoppe. “It’s been exciting working here so far,” she added.

Student reactions were mixed. Some students felt as though the candy store would be a positive and exciting addition to campus, while others felt as though it was unnecessary.

“I just noticed it yesterday,” said Wolfgang Kovac, a freshman who is studying Math, Physics and Science. “I didn’t hear about any plans to make one like I did for the clothing shop. I’m not a big candy person.”

Kathryn Brust, a sophomore Management major and Fundraising officer for the Equestrian Team, mentioned that she was afraid that this new sweet shop would affect fundraising for clubs and other activities. “I think a different store should be opened instead of a sweet shop, because it takes away profit from various clubs and activities that set up bake sales during common hour in Hillwood. How are clubs supposed to raise money if they are in competition with the new store?” She then suggested the idea of having another food vendor open instead, such as Panera Bread.

The store officially opened on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

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