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Today’s Transportation

By Danielle Marano
Staff Writer

Everyday, Post students stroll along the sidewalks of campus en route to class. Recently, our normal daily walks to class have been inter- rupted by interesting new contraptions that a handful of students are zooming by on. These aren’t bikes or skateboards, but something new.

Churchill Okorie, a sophmore Health Science major, said these new ride buddies go by many names, but are often recognized as Sky- Walkers.

They look like little hover boards, often with colorful lights. They’re big enough to fit underneath the rider’s feet, and are similar in shape to a skateboard. But unlike skateboards, these new inventions re- quire no push, or energy from the rider. They do all the moving for you!

However, SkyWalkers are not cheap. Okorie purchased his Sky- Walker for $360. “It’s small in size, which allows me to carry it on the bus or train,” he said.

The price of the transportation method varies, depending on the brand, according to numerous websites, such as and the One version of the SkyWalker is called a Level Board. The Level Board can be purchased online, and cost $500.

On, it is stated that the SkyWalkers can go reach the speed of 10 mph. The site also states that it is not recommend- ed to use the boards in inclement weather. The SkyWalkers can support up to 300 pounds and is said to be an “effortless experience,” according to the same website.

Students have mixed opinions about moving around campus in this manner. Katharina Muniz, a senior Dance major, feels that these boards are unnecessary and dangerous. “I think they’re a safety hazard to the rider if they’re not fully paying attention,” Muniz said. “They’re also a safety hazard to the people surrounding them because if that per- son falls off it could cause injury not only to the rider but others as well.”

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