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Trick’s Take: Is Diversity Our Strength?

By Christopher Trick

Staff Writer

As Americans, we often hear our elites say, “Diversity is our strength.” Is it, though? Diversity is defined as “a range of different things,” meaning not everything is the same. Is a society stronger when everything is different? Consider the following questions:

Can a marriage survive if spouses have radically different values?

Can two neighbors communicate if each person speaks a different language?

Can a country stay unified if its citizens adhere to different principles, values, and ideals?

Can a business operate at maximum efficiency if skin color or gender is seen as the most important qualification for hire, and not the merits of its employees?

The answer to all of these questions is simple: no. Therefore, how can our leaders say that diversity is our strength? When posed with this question, our leaders often fumble for an answer, denouncing the person who asked it as “racist” or “bigoted” in the process. Of course, the failure of our cultural elites to provide a sufficient answer to this question reveals that diversity is not, in fact, our strength, rather unity is.

Along with mindless screeching about diversity, our leaders also preach about equality. Equality is defined as “being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value.” How, then, can two things be both different and similar at the same time? Consider the following points we often hear from our elites:

“There are no differences between men and women; in fact, they are exactly the same and are capable of doing the exact same things.” How, then, is there any diversity between the two genders?

“An egalitarian society is a happy society. There should be no upper, middle, and lower class; everyone should have the same amount of money, possessions, and opportunities.” How, then, is there any diversity within our society?

Echoing the call of neoconservatives: “The United States must spread democracy all over the world. Perpetual war ensures perpetual peace.” How, then, is there any diversity with regards to the different types of governments and societies that exist around the world?

“All people, cultures, and lifestyles are the same. No one person is better than another. A person should not be judged for his or her actions, since morality is relative.” How, then, is there room to determine differences between individuals and their respective choices? How is there room for differing opinions about people’s lifestyles and life choices?

How can one make a distinction between right and wrong?

It seems pretty clear that diversity and equality cannot coexist. It does not appear that total and complete equality is practical when there is so much diversity; likewise, if everyone and everything is equal, then there is no room for any diversity.

Editor’s Note: “Trick’s Take” is a new political opinion column. While it reflects the thoughts and beliefs of the columnist, it may not reflect views of The Pioneer, which is an objective, unbiased entity.

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