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True Story: I Have a Strange Hobby

Michelle Morey
Staff Writer

Father Ted Brown
Father Ted Brown

Hobbies are as unique and varied as those who practice them. Collecting marbles and playing sports are fairly common ones, but how about the uncommon? LIU Post students have interests that may border on the weird, strange, and rare. This week, I asked students if they had any strange hobbies, but came to realize that, to them, their hobbies are normal. The question arises; what then is a strange hobby?

“I don’t know if it counts as a hobby, but I need to get my nails done every 4-5 days.” said Jacqueline Marino, a junior in the Medical Imaging Program.

“I’m a landscaper and I like to collect lawnmowers, so some might think that’s really weird,” said Nicholas Sesto, a junior Pre- Pharmacy major.

After gatherng some information, I scoured the Internet for some really quirky hobbies. While my chances seemed improbable of finding a student with a strange extra- curricular activity, I kept my hopes up.

According to, a blog that features the oddities of today’s world, the number one weirdest hobby is playing dead. Chuck Lamb, a 55-year-old man from Ohio, takes videos and photos of himself playing “possum”. He aspired to be an actor, but found he was only good at pretending to be deceased. You can visit his personal website, Number two on the list was a man from South London, who makes it his hobby to appear in the background of news reports filming in public areas.

I found one hobby to be particularly unusual: extreme ironing. After I discovered the obsession on, I stumbled upon a picture of a person scaling a mountain while ironing their shirt on an ironing board, which was tied to the mountain.

As I’m sure there are many others with strange hobbies, habits, or traditions, please write in to and tell us about odd habits you may possess or have encountered. The possibilities are endless, especially when ironing can be a hobby if you make it extreme.

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