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Trust Your Gut

Alex Parker

Have you ever met someone and thought instantly to yourself, “Wow, you definitely cannot be trusted”? Only a few brief statements need to be exchanged and you immediately know the guy standing in front of you is a sly, cunning, smooth talker. They have a certain air about them that exudes cockiness and self-indulgence. However, at the same time, you can’t help but to find yourself intrigued by this person. Ladies, do not succumb to the curiosity. Run!

Easier said than done, I understand. These boys are usually annoyingly good looking. On top of their appealing exterior they are exceedingly charming. They subtly flirt with you while simultaneously poking fun at you so you walk away from the conversation, no matter how long it is, wondering if he was actually interested or just being a jerk. Let me clarify this puzzling mystery for you: he is a jerk. There is no question about it. He is just covering up his vileness with a debonair exterior.

Don’t get sucked into the vortex that is this type of guy. I get it; they blur your sense of control and common sense with their peculiar ways. It’s almost as if they temporarily disconnect the logical part of your brain and replace it with mush. There is no possible way to be friends with this person. Once you’ve caught their interest, there’s not stopping them. You’re probably thinking to yourself, what an idiot, just ignore the guy and problem solved. So wrong my friends.

You cannot simply ignore the guy. You can even go as far to be blatantly mean in your responses to his numerous advances (because trust me, he’s not going anywhere). He will just take this as you playing hard to get and keep on flirting. He will most likely laugh when you become fuming mad at his constant making fun of you, sometimes rendering you absolutely speechless.

If you find that you cannot help yourself (as many females can¬not because we want to believe that we can turn the jerks into the good guys that they will never be) you will end up chasing them. They pull the switch on you. As soon as they realize that they’ve got you, they start ignoring you a little bit at a time so you’re the one calling and texting. But when you see them in person they are just as charming as ever, further messing with your head.

There really is no good outcome to this situation. It’s going to end up with you realizing that this guy honestly sucks and being heartbroken because you couldn’t turn him into your prince charming like you had originally planned. Well ladies, you’ve been warned. If you sense that this person is an ignoramus from the start, stay away. It’s not worth the head-ache it will inevitably cause you.

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