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Weekly SGA Report

Natalie Villanueva

The Student Government Association general meeting held on March 22, in Hillwood was filled with announcements and news.  There present was the executive board which are President, Jared Ciborowski; Vice president, Alexandra Hochstrasser; Treasurer, Jill Scionti; Executive Officer, Gina Oseguedo; and Secretary, Jerimida Sanders.  Also, the chairperson members within the committees of academic, diversity, and food were present.  Also a representative of each club was there present.

The food committee announced that students should fill out food surveys for the chance to get three free guest passes to Winnick.  The food surveys should appear soon as an email in your LIU account.  The food surveys are based on the food services here at C.W. Post Campus.  Therefore, students, at your free time, fill out those food surveys!

There were a few other public statements made by students.   Today, at 6:30 p.m. in the Pioneer Room, Loomings is hosting an event for students to celebrate the new issue of Loomings Magazine.  This event will include food and refreshments, open microphone performances by students, a guest band and a short documentary movie. So come out, join, support, and have fun! This Thursday, an additional round of Post Idol will be held in the Lecture Hall at 8:00 p.m.

The Philosophy and P.A.G.E.S clubs will screen the movie “Inception” at 6:30 p.m. in the evening on April 1 in the TV Room.  This event includes light refreshment, so come for a movie night.  The annual fashion show will take place in the Tilles Center on April 2; look out for tickets!  On April 10, the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, will take place at the Tilles Center.  It is a dinner and theater compliment and the tickets are on sale for ten dollars, which can be purchased at the Tilles Center box office.

Look out for these prospective events!  Partake in these events and enjoy to what C.W. Post Campus has to offer for students.

Ashley Washington, a freshman attending her first SGA meeting, mentioned, “SGA was really great!  I always wanted to go to a meeting and I find myself actually looking to be a part of it for next semester.”  “I really look forward to the fashion show in the Tilles Center this weekend!”

The SGA general meetings meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. on top of Hillwood Commons.  These meetings is to inform student body about what is going on campus and important to keep clubs informed and running.  It is a great way to give in new proposals and ideas as well as a time for students to express their concerns. Vice President, Alexandra Hochstrasser, says, “Definitely, a way for students to connect with one exchange information, have administration exchange information to students.”

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