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September 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

As our nation was in trouble due to an enormous oil spill that occurred last April, our campus newspaper was also knee deep in muck.  Through an abundance of obstacles and tremendous help (props to Professor Carolyn Levin) we have managed to reinvent this publication. This edition is the first full version of the Pioneer and is solid proof that, just like BP cemented it’s own spill, we too have put a halt to the Pioneer’s chaos.

As promised we have delivered a brand new installation of news, sports, opinion, arts and entertainment.  To begin the news, our campus television studio had a grand re-opening, likewise, Post’s International Student Union (ISU) was brought back.  Learn how to utilize our very own library in ways you never thought possible.  The opinions just keep coming, ranging from how to manage your time to which major you should choose and why.  Our features section is jam-packed with spotlights on notable students, and a brand new nutrition column that will be included in each issue.  The former revue part of the paper is now a review of the arts and entertainment presented by the staff of Loomings.  And to finally top off the last of the cement filling, our sports staff has reported the latest news on your fall athletic teams.

We genuinely hope you enjoy this full edition, now get reading.

Samantha Bishal & Kayla Krause

Editors in Chief

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