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What do students want to see in The Pioneer?

By Dani Naess Hellesund
Opinions Editor

The student newspaper, The Pioneer, has informed LIU Post students for over 50 years. The paper includes campus events, news, and sports, profiles of students and professors, and provides a forum for students to express their opinions.

After over 50 years, are students happy with the content offered in The Pioneer, or do they want to read something else? Let’s find out.

The current newspaper has five sections; News, Features, Opinions, Arts and Entertainment, and Sports. In my opinion, these sections cover the campus in an effective manner. But, I am an editor of The Pioneer – what do other students think?

Freshman Education major Gina Cammarata said, “I’d like to see things that [involve] my peers, what they are involved in and doing around campus.” More specifically, Cammarata wants to see more “clubs and sports [coverage], ads promoting clubs, game results and actions from the games.” Cammarata would also like to see local news, as well as campus news.

Melissa Norman, a freshman Dance major, would like to see a Music section in the paper. She would also like to see a gossip column. For the gossip column, “you can go local; it doesn’t have to be celebrity [gossip],” Norman said.

Cara Snider, a junior Dance major, said that she would like to see more information on what goes on in the city, “like dance shows.” Snider would also like to see a Health and Wellness section in the paper that would discuss things “like diets, what food[s] you should intake, and what exercise you need,” Snider added.

Jess Falconer, a senior Forensic Science major, who was previously the Business Manager of The Pioneer, said that she would like to see comics, crosswords, and puzzles in the paper. In the comic section, she would like to see something that goes “beyond the story.” Falconer mentioned that she would also like to see more things that happen on “Long Island that are relevant to the campus.”

Senior Forensic Science major Kayla Mahoney said, “I think it would be cool to have an advice column. [A place] where students can turn to for advice.” Mahoney said that the advice should help students get a positive outlook. She also suggested the advice column provide tips on “how to get the best out of the campus” and “how to survive certain professors.” Mahoney pointed out that the columns should be written anonymously so that the professors can’t track the students.

The Pioneer has an ethical policy of not accepting anonymous submissions, because we believe it undermines the credibility of the paper. However, these great suggestions will all be thoughtfully considered.

I personally think these are wonderful suggestions, especially the Health and Wellness section. That would be very helpful. If you have any ideas about something you would want to see covered by The Pioneer, please email us at We would love to incorporate your ideas for the spring 2015 semester!

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