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What Remains at My LIU Post?

Five months ago I graduated and left LIU Post. And today I am agitated when I have to ask, what is left at LIU Post? Friends of mine, both alumni and current students, are in a constant state of unease. They have to ask questions such as, when will this school go bankrupt? Or why would anyone want to come here? These questions are not without merit, as it is clear that a university without universal leadership is doomed to fail.

Our students sleep in dorm rooms furnished with mold. Our professors are forced to consolidate departments, constantly doing more with less. Our athletes are thrown out. Our beautiful campus is marred with broken doors, windows, walls… etc. Our facilities workers are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Our custodians are contracted out to the lowest bidder. Our campus health service is cut. Our resident assistants and orientation leaders are paid less than panhandlers.

Our promise office is a revolving door, and is always asked to do more. And those who speak up are scolded.

I suppose these are matters of discretion. Our university’s leadership has chosen to prioritize remodeling theatres with board members’ names atop its doors. This is more important to them than remodeling a student cafeteria or even keeping clean dorm bathrooms.

Perhaps this is what we must accept. A leadership who is more interested in self, and not interested in students.

And I say that if this administration has a plan, if they are implementing it to improve our university. If they in fact know what they are doing. Then they must do. This administration must answer, not just to the board. Not just to those of a particular donor class. Not just to those of a particular department. But to all of the people at this university.

If they cannot accept this, then depart, we say, and let us have done with you.

This university, it’s programs, it’s traditions, it’s student morale and it’s identity have been stripped. The LIU Post I knew, and we all knew, has been shredded. So what remains at my LIU Post?


Adam Hornbuckle
LIU Post (‘18) alumnus

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