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What Would You Change About LIU Post?

Freddie Schwartz

Whether you live on-campus or are a commuter we all have complaints or things we wish would change about LIU-Post. After talking to several students and asking them, “What would you change about LIU Post?” I was given a lot of reoccurring answers as well as some more interesting ones. Faith Pinna, a junior social work major, said that she would change the “poor parking situation” and that the “sections of parking for students and faculty need to be fixed”. Allan Smith, another junior who is also studying social work, had the same complaint about the parking and also said that there needs to be “more opportunities to talk to their advisers”.

Dan Laterza, a graduate student in pre-pharmacy studies, said that he wanted “a shorter common hour”. Theresa Bergold a junior social work major, said she felt that the “information given to the students is indirect, especially concerning the school budget and how it affects them”. Taylor Fitzsimoms, also a junior studying social work, had two things to change, “Change the name back to C.W. Post” and “better parking”. Finally, Audey Thompson, a junior social work major, felt that “the students need more say in the administration”.

It’s clear that parking is a large issue, its limited and most faculty parking is located closest to the academic halls. This can be stressful for students who have to park out of their way and rush to class. Also the common hour reduction is a valid point to make, some of us would want to end classes a little earlier to be able to go home and for those students who have jobs in between classes, getting classes done for the day is important. Finally, the issues of the student say in the administration; are those who control our tuitions and how the school is run truly hearing us? When speaking further to Theresa Bergold, she said that she was at an SGA meeting not too long ago were it was stated that the school went over the budget and the administration wasn’t clear as to where cuts would be made. To any students, not knowing were any budget cut would be made is terrifying. Hopefully, this isn’t as bad as it sounds but if cuts are being made, we should know about them.

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