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What’s Your Favorite Thing About Post?

By Jenesia McNeil
Staff Writer

When you think of school, you may be tempted to think of a boring setting with textbooks and the occasional chalkboard. But, to love school is to enjoy the atmosphere, surpassing classes and your daily routines. It is not enough to just go to school. A good atmosphere encourages you to want to come back and be active in your school community. LIU Post has provided that atmosphere for the entire student body. It’s a welcoming school that encourages diversity and a willingness to accept new and exciting ideas.

Chyna Browne, a freshman Political Science major, said, “I love the people here. It is such a peaceful setting, such a breath of fresh air.” When introducing new students to a university, it is important that a warm, welcoming environment is presented. Students are more receptive to welcoming environments rather than feeling alone or as if they do not belong. It is important to feel secure and comfortable, being away from home and on your own for the first time.

College is the time in your life where you are exposed to the world in a different way. What better way of exposure than a vibrant, refreshing school community to engage with?

“It is peaceful and quiet,” said Alex Martinez, a sophomore Music major. A quiet atmosphere results in a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. It is easier to learn when you are focused in a stable setting. You gain a better understanding of what you are learning, and you can better grasp concepts and ideas.

Also, an extensive amount of activities is a key factor when it comes to a thriving and exciting campus. “There is always something going on!” said Jennifer Meija, a junior Art Therapy major. Activities such as fundraisers, community service, games, and contests all keep the students intrigued to be on campus and really experience campus life. Along with these various activities; Post provides many leadership opportunities. Whether you serve on an executive board in a campus club, hold a work study or budget job, act as an ambassador, or venture out to do an internship: Post provides ways to keep you active and astute.

Some view Post as a small campus, while others view it as a densely populated university. Devan Farrell, a senior Public Relations major, said her favorite thing about Post is the “small, family-like campus feel.” Everyone knows each other so it makes attending Post that much more exciting and, more importantly, comfortable. The small class settings enable students to have a better grasp of knowledge and information being taught by the professors. She said you get to know the professors and you feel like you matter as a student.

There are many things to like here at Post. The warm welcoming environment invites people of all ages and walks of life to gather together. It evokes a strong sense of student leadership and activeness on campus. It also gives students a chance to express themselves freely and creatively among their peers.

Being a sophomore English major here at Post, I would have to say my favorite thing about it is the amount of opportunity granted on campus. Whether it is career-based, or club- and organization-related, Post enables opportunities for everyone. It’s just up to the individual to take advantage of it.

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