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Winter Wonderland? More Like Winter Vortex

By Julian Wilson
Assistant Opinions Editor

It may not be last year’s ‘Polar Vortex,’ but nonetheless, this winter season is just as brutal as the last one. With winter break at its end, and January coming to a close, some students are returning to school along with the hopes that warmer weather will do the same.

Photo by Tia-Moná Greene
Photo by Tia-Moná Greene

“It is the coldest weather since the region was hit last year by a polar vortex, which is a mass of frigid air that typically only resides over the north pole,” according to Karl Plume, writer for CNBC, in his Jan. 7

article. “I’m not sure, but I think I can speak for every commuter on campus when I say the trip gets to be challenging when the weather turns sour,” Pat Conte, a junior Business Administration major, said. “Accidents happen on Northern Boulevard, and walking across campus at times when it’s blistering cold, can challenge your sanity,” Conte continued.

“It absolutely sucks going around campus when it’s cold,” sophomore Journalism major Alec Matuszak said. “Going outside feels like a never ending journey longer than the ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy,” he added.

In light of recent weather severity, Post students find ways in battling the cold weather.

As for Conte, it’s all about time and preparation. “I dress in layers and make sure I come to campus early enough that I get a good parking spot; therefore, reducing my walk to the hall that my class is in,” she said.

“Thankfully, my newfound love of Starbucks’ hot chocolate has allowed me to get to and from class,” Matuszak said. “All the while, staying a little bit warmer.”

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