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YOLO is No Excuse, Ladies

Alex Parker

I’ve written this column for just about a year and half now. I’ve also written about a plethora of different things ranging from chivalry to sex. To this day, I stand by everything I have ever said. I believe that for the most part, chivalry is dead. Guys just aren’t as respectful as they used to be. I’ve written a lot about the lack of male intellect. I haven’t really spoken much about the female part in this inevitable equation.

I think it’s mostly because I am a girl that I haven’t taken the time to talk about the female component of this issue. I honestly believe that girls need to take at least half of the responsibility for guys having lost some of their chivalrous ways. Men don’t respect us as much because girls don’t respect themselves as much.

Think about it, once girls get to college they tend to go a little bit overboard. It’s like they’re being thrown into a vast ocean of new experiences and an excess of new guys and they just can’t seem to navigate; some merely lose their way. Not to mention that clothes seem to get skimpier and skimpier each year. The age of the girls wearing these “baby clothes” seems to get smaller each year as well.
Guys will respect girls only when girls do something worth respecting. Wearing what would have been classified as a bathing suit 50 years ago out in public is not acceptable. I know I’ve seen it, especially in the dorms; girls leaving campus for a night out and all I think is, “One wrong move and we’re all getting a shot of her ‘good girl.’” It’s kind of gross.

What’s worse is the next morning, when girls wake up from a night of partying and they remember all of the idiotic things they did, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “YOLO.” Really? Saying that you only live once is not exactly an excuse to repeatedly act stupid and irresponsible. Also, prior to this YOLO phenomenon, were you under the impression that you are able to live more than once? It’s nonsense.
Of course the entire female gender has not succumbed to this craziness. Some of us have some dignity left. My point is this; yes I still think boys, especially college boys, are inconsiderate and walking around with their head in the clouds, but it’s not completely their fault. Ladies, you need to step up and realize that maybe you are not being treated the way you feel you should because of something that you are doing.

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