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A Haunted Tour of the Campus Chapel

By Alexander Espinosa

Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner and students are getting ready for the night of fright. The Rainbow Alliance, along with the Forensic Science Club and the Promethean Pitch Acapella, will host a haunted house to get students into a frightening mood.

The event is on Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. inside the Interfaith Center chapel. Admission is $8 for students, $5 for kids, and $10 for adults.

The idea for the event originally came from the Forensic Science Club, who hosted a similar event last year. This year they wanted to make the event even bigger, so they asked the Rainbow Alliance and the Promethean Pitch Acapella to pitch in.

Participants of the haunted house will be taken on a tour of the chapel with a thrilling twist. As you progress from room to room, beware of ghosts and other monsters who could jump out at every turn. During the tour, the guide will share a scary story written by the Promethean Pitch Acapella and the Forensic Science Club to bring the whole experience together.

Nicole Ludwig, a junior philosophy major and president of the Rainbow Alliance, is very excited to have a chance to tell an interactive story. “Putting all this together is very much like directing a play,” she said. “For me, as a writer [being able] to tell a story and walk someone through it is just the greatest feeling.”

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