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A Letter From the Campus Quality and Security Committee

Hello Fellow Students:

My name is Julie-Ann Simpson.  I am your Student Government Association (SGA) representative for the Campus Quality and Security Committee. On behalf of all the members of the SGA, I would like to share with you our most recent updates and goals.

The Campus Quality and Security Committee’s main focus is bring Wi-Fi to the Residence Halls. We are in the process of figuring out solutions for this through the IT Office.  Hopefully IT will be able to provide HD Channels within the dorms as well.

The Diversity Committee has nothing to report at this time.  The committee will inform you at a later date.

The Food Committee wants you to know that Steak and Shrimp night was a huge success!
The Committee invites you to join the Facebook group ; C.W. Post Dining Services.

The Academic Committee is focusing on getting textbooks in the library.  The committee will be issuing textbook surveys in the next few weeks.  Senators Jermita, Ariel and Debra will be issuing these surveys, so please feel free to fill one out!

Please remember to forward your comments or complaints to us.  Each committee has its own meeting time and contact information. The Campus Quality Committee meets every Wednesday in the SGA office at 1 pm to 2 pm.  The SGA office is location on the second floor, room 209 of Hillwood Commons.  If you have something to say or you want to become a senator of SGA, please join us on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the Top of the Commons-located on the third floor of Hillwood Commons.

Get involved! Let your voice be heard! Start getting active!

Your friends and representatives,



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