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Are Students Avoiding Takeout?

By Anisha Jintoorkar, Staff Writer

The growing fear of COVID-19 has resulted in the creation and spread of myths and misinformation on social media.

Some claim that eating Chinese food puts one at a significant risk of developing coronavirus. This stigma stems from the origin of the virus being Wuhan, China.

“Chinese people are facing stigma due to this virus from people avoiding their businesses or restaurants,” Lauren Ramirez, a junior accounting major, said. “People need to get their facts straight and not be so gullible in believing false information online. People can and should continue ordering Chinese food and whatever other foods they desire.”

Some students on campus have mixed opinions on eating from Chinese restaurants and eating out in general.

“I’m avoiding going to restaurants in general until everything clears up,” Breanna Boyce, fashion merchandising major, said. “I’ve been told not to go to Chinese restaurants now just in case workers happen to just come from China and have the virus. The worker might not know they have the virus because in some cases people show no symptoms. When it all gets contained then I will go back to eating out.”

Other students have no issue with eating from Chinese restaurants during the pandemic.

“I had Chinese food last night. I have no problem with eating out, not even a little bit,” Heath Felix,senior public relations major, said. “According to both the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) you cannot contract the virus from food, there is no evidence that it is a food borne illness. People should continue to order take out and stop boycotting Chinese restaurants. We need to support service businesses which are taking a significant hit right now.”

Like Felix, some students including Isabella Ceravolo, junior psychology major, want to continue eating take out so that restaurants won’t financially suffer.

Sophomore biology major Joseph Campisi was unconcerned about changing his eating habits.

“I don’t eat Chinese anyways, but I always order takeout and I will continue ordering from these places during this period, unless we are advised otherwise.”

in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, all restaurants and bars had to move to only takeout and delivery orders in New York on March 15.

“Limiting people from eating out at restaurants where people will be in close proximity to others will prevent exposure and this is an effective measure to flatten the curve,” Felix said. “However, we must support our local businesses and order take out and delivery.”

“Individuals need to maintain social distance, keeping in six feet from other people and washing their hands,” Ramirez said. “These are crucial preventative measures that people should focus on instead of stigmatizing Chinese restaurants.”

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