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Campus Community Weighs in on Essential Businesses

By Hayley Cohen, Staff Writer

There are several businesses considered essential and permitted to stay open during stay-at-home orders. While workers and students are communicating remotely, access to technology is necessary. Some individuals need ways to pick up required medication. Food must remain accessible to everyone. During a time of social distancing, an emphasis is placed on goods and services some cannot live without.

Mike Ciardiello

“I think that grocery stores, medical services, liquor stores, and transportation are all essential businesses during quarantine,” Mike Ciardiello, a junior accounting major, said. Grocery stores have remained open although they’re short on inventory due to customers stocking up and preparing to remain inside indefinitely.

Medical services are open, including hospitals and urgent care centers. Telemedicine is currently being used for patients to continue seeing their doctors. Liquor stores are considered essential businesses. Transportation, for example the LIRR, has seen less business lately.

Harris Becker, director of guitar studies, shared a similar opinion to Ciardiello. “Supermarkets and pharmacies are necessary services right now. The internet is also crucial regarding schooling and work. I know that Zoom has been being used and has been very helpful during quarantine,” he said.

Ryan Miller, a graduate student, believes that the United States as a whole is the most important industry.

Ryan Miller

“You can pick any sector, public or private – any worker, laid off or not, just needs to do their job,” he said. “There will be an effect on the job market that leaves people graduating and entering the workforce for the next few years. There is going to be a transformation of the job market that will benefit those already entrenched in careers at the expense of those lacking experience.

“For America to stay running, Amazon must deliver packages. Nurses and doctors need to treat, and universities and pharmaceutical companies need to research. Some people are not that lucky and do not have the option of staying home from work,” Miller continued.

Overall, some students agree that no single job is more important than another. Miller said, “This shows that no job lacks importance. Our job right now is to stay inside to be safe and healthy for ourselves, loved ones, fellow Americans, and humanity.”

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