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Cloudy With A Chance of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

By Margaret Pepe
Assistant Features Editor

Now that summer is over and it is officially fall, it is time to put the shorts and flip-flops away. The change in weather means there is a change in the clothes we wear, the trends we see, and the drinks we find to be popular at Starbucks.

For those who try to stay fashion forward, it’s important to know what’s trendy this season. “Fall is the best time for fashion,” said Monica Peralta, a junior Fashion Merchandising major. “It is just starting to cool down; you can layer, layer, and layer, without looking weather confused.”

Photo: Nicole Digiovanni
Photo: Nicole Digiovanni

“There are a lot of fun new trends this fall. Shift dresses, sock boots, pajama dressing, patchwork, and new Victorian pussy bows are the hottest trends right now,” said Stephanie Adelson Bray, a junior Fashion Merchandising major. “This season we are seeing a lot of fringe, a lot of burgundy, and a lot of suede,” Peralta added.

“The color I’ve seen everywhere and a color that I really like is olive green,” said Jawaan Smith, a senior Arts Management major. “From pants to jackets, it’s a great color.” While there are new trends every season, some trends are timeless. Fringe, military style, layering, neutrals, velvet, and bohemian are just a few of the trends that will be carried over from years before, this fall, according to Bray.

Fashion for men tends to be overlooked, however, both Bray and Peralta made sure to include trends that men can totally rock this fall. “They should focus on layering,” Bray said. “3⁄4 zip sweaters, a button down under with a skinny scarf and a vest.”

“We are also seeing a lot of Monochrome happening,” Peralta added. “Which is super easy to pull off.”

Fall, to some, is also known as the season of pumpkin spice everything. Starbucks officially has their famous pumpkin spice latte back for the season. “I have yet to fall under the magical spell this pumpkin spice has put every girl in the world under,” Peralta said.

“Pumpkin spice kind of unofficially announces the beginning of the fall season,” Smith said. Bray agreed, but added, “Pumpkin spice isn’t bad, but I think there’s too much hype. A classic chai latte and caramel macchiato will do the job just fine,” she said.

To help those who don’t understand fashion trends, Bray and Peralta both gave some of their “must haves” for the season. The boyfriend jean, over the knee boots, plaid scarves, black booties, turtle neck sweaters, and duster coats are some of Peralta’s recommendations for women this season. Bucket bags, velvet booties, and fringe skirts are a few of Bray’s must haves this season.

For men, Peralta suggests: joggers, khaki denim, light denim, wool topcoats, chukka boots, bomber jackets, and brown leather sneakers. “Everyone must get their hands on a pair of beige Nike Air Max Thea Leather Sneakers and Adidas classic superstar sneakers,” said Bray. Smith suggests that everyone should own a pair of black jeans, colored pants (burgundy, navy, olive), and brown boots.

“Every season is a great season for fashion. You make it the way you want it to be,” Bray said. “There are limitless amount of options to wear in the fall. Personally, it’s my favorite time of the year to dress up.”

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