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Crafts in Quarantine

Last updated on Apr 24, 2020

By Sophia Strauss, Staff Writer

Embroidery by Sophia Chianese-Courtesy of Sophia Chianese

Newfound homebodies have discovered a love for crafts they never knew they had before self-isolating for a month, or even longer in some cases. People around the country are in search of new hobbies to fill the long days inside.

College students have discovered what may be a generational interest in crafts. Social media has helped college students to share D.I.Y ideas, and people have put their own twists on classic art.

“I get my ideas from existing drawings but interpret my own creativity to it,” Isabella Whelan, a freshman psychology major, said.

Art by Bella Whelan-Courtesy of Bella Whalen

Being locked indoors for weeks on end has forced some people into a drive to create new

“Some crafts I’ve started to take up the time are embroidery, doodling, and I just ordered a paint set to try painting out.” Sophia Chianese, a junior accounting major, said. “I think so far embroidery is my favorite. It’s more time-consuming than drawing or painting, but it gives me the ability to create something I can wear in my daily life.”

The idea of practicing different types of crafts has been helpful for those who remain inside. Not only does it help people discover hobbies, but is a silver lining that helps them fill the time.

“Through crafting in quarantine, I have definitely been able to explore new interests since I have so much time on my hands. I do draw on a frequent basis but I don’t think I would’ve ever thought to embroider any of my things before this,” Chianese said.

In addition to that, crafts act as a bridge between family members looking to spend time together during this time.

“My mom is a crafter and lately has been coming up with ideas to keep us busy when we’re not binge-watching Netflix together. We made earrings, we built a new garden planter, and we re-painted and re-touched some murals in our house,” Juliana Veraldi, a junior film major, said. Instead of sitting silently on the couch, family members can create pieces of art to pass the time and bond.

While art classes and group projects can be fun, doing crafts from home requires no specific talent and comes with endless possibilities.

Artwork by Juliana Veraldi-Courtesy of Juliana Veraldi

“Drawing is fun for everyone, even if you can only do stick figures. It’s a skill, therapeutic, and a fun activity that can last a lifetime,” Whelan said.

Although isolated during this time, sharing creative ideas with friends is a great way to find new inspiration and keep in touch over the lonely weeks.

“It’s nice to have so many friends from home who are also so creative and to bounce ideas off of,” Chianese said.

Art is for everyone and can be made from anything. “It’s super easy to print out a page or two of a flower or fish or a design to color in, and it’s a mess free, ‘no clean-up time’ way to pass the time,” Veraldi said.

Crafts or inspiration can be found anywhere, especially on the internet, during a time where everyone is exploring ways to fill the time.

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