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Cultural Explosion in Hillwood Commons


Students eating food from different countries around the world-Photo
by Leah Arroyo

Promise staff members hosted Cultural Explosion on Thursday, Feb. 20 in Hillwood Commons. The annual event celebrates different cultures from around the world.

This year Promise held “Taste of Promise” where everyone in the office brought dishes from their own specific culture. “We did our best to be inclusive and promote diversity on campus,” Julia Pagano, a promise coach, said.

There were also sheets on each table asking students what type of activities and food they hope to see next year. “I really hope students love the event,” Pagano said. “It seems like the event gets more and more popular each year.”

The event featured foods from all over the world, from tacos to dumplings. Food wasn’t the only activity available for students to enjoy. Temporary henna tattoos were available as well as do-it-yourself headbands for Dia De Los Muertos. “I think it’s great that they’re promoting diversity here at Post because I think being on Long Island, we lack some of that,” Carrie Lenza, a sophomore acting major, said.

“Coming from Chicago where a lot of these cultures and food are more heavily represented, it was very refreshing to experience that again,” Lenza said. “I feel like here at Post there tends to only be the center world view, so It’s really important that we show people that there is life outside of Long Island.”

Adam Silverstein, senior social work major, has attended the event every year since he was a freshman. “This is the best it’s been since then,” he said. “I’m excited to keep watching it grow in future years.”

Members of Promise hope to continue hosting the event every year. Students who have any suggestions for the next Cultural Explosion can contact the Promise office at (516) 299-3737.

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